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Festival Poetto 2015 - Bulletins

Bulletin no. 1

The 2nd Open Poetto Tournament has started today, perfectly on time – as it will always be with Giovanni Mascia at arbitrating – at 4.30 pm.

This year, the tournament boasts a high profile participation: besides our dear friend Axel Delorme – who took part last year as well – the tough GM Danyyil Dvirnyy and the FM Alessandro Bonafede are in pole position, very close to the IM title that could be gained right during this tournament. Danyyil Dvirnyy is not a new face either, in fact some of you would remember his lesson at the finals two years ago at via Ausonia.

The final name on the Fide title holders list is that of FM Francesco Sonis, who does not need any further introduction. Suffice it to say that he just graduated Italian Champion U14 in Montesilvano.

Besides the first four star players, the tournament shines also for a high medium level, thanks to the presence of 3 CM and 11 1N. Last but not least, the young Francesca Garau, who holds “only” two Italian Young Female Champion titles.

First round of matches has seen the champions at the first four boards win with no particular problem. They are also to be praised for staying and analysing the matches with their competitors, and therefore sharing with them a precious moment they would hardly forget.

The most exceptional result during the first round has been undoubtedly the match Erriu-Mallò, which has seen the victory of the former.

Among the most interesting and hard-fought matches, the Di Pinto-Sanna 0-1 is worth mentioning, as Yuri anticipated his counterpart in the run for pawns. The match Buchicchio Giancarlo-Ardu will be published with comments by Alessandro Altea.

Bye for now!


Bulletin no. 2

Double turns took place in Hotel Califfo! Morning matches were not particularly surprising but evening ones were more balanced, partially. While the front-runners in the first three boards imposed their superior technique, the fourth boards saw a hard-fought battle, with the expert (and valiant) Angelo Zuccarelli giving the young Francesco Sonis a hard time, and giving in only due to small slips in the final after a very well-balanced match.

Following right up, the harsh draw between Gianluca Mameli from Oristano and Federico Giannoni, from Nuoro by adoption, took place. The two shook hands after a rooks final that could not be resolved.

The first direct match (Dvirnyy-Sonis) in the first board took place in the evening during which Danyyil sacrificed a major piece in the first moves but acquired a very dynamic position with highly active minor pieces. Finally, he won in the final with an unrivalled horse dual threat.The young Francesca Garau strikes again! Even though the match was not perfect, she managed to win over the ever-to-be-feared Marcello Putzolu. The final was intense and she showed she deserves access to Tournament A, regardless her Elo, which, we bet, will increase very soon

Bye for now but don’t forget to tune in again tomorrow for the big-league match Delorme-Dvirnyy!


Bulletin no. 3

The 2nd Open Poetto has reached its final destination after seven breath-taking – and exhausting – turns. Danyyl Dvirnyy, front-runner since the beginning, has won with a final mark of 6 out of 7 points, especially due to the victory against Alessandro Altea on Sunday afternoon, even though the draw at the fourth round against Axel Delorme has been even more decisive (neither of the two felt like risking at that point).

That result gave him an edge, as even the tie-breaker system (Bucholz) would foresee an advantage in the case of a draw for the GM from Montebelluna. For those of you who did not know, he was actually born in Saint Petersburg, or to be more precise, in Leningrad in 1990.

The two players have met expectations playing a real high quality game, which brought prestige to the entire tournament and its brand-new hall of fame. Moreover, as we already mentioned, the two players were so kind to spend time with those “normal” players they defeated to analyse the matches and give them a sort of free lesson. Not an everyday opportunity indeed!

It’s just a pity that rank calculations pushed them to draw quite rapidly – but professional players must take those calculations into account – otherwise it would have been a truly juicy match.

Delorme has won the special prize for the best game in the tournament thanks to his victory over Francesco Sonis. The judge, the FM Gianlazzaro Sanna from Cagliari, also commended him for the highly didactical content of his matches.

Third in rank is Alessandro Bonafede with 5.5 points. He is an experienced player too, who reached 2400 Elo right during this tournament, whereby becoming IM. We are truly happy for him, it’s been our pleasure too! Alessandro – whom we had the opportunity to know a bit better while he stayed at the fantastic Hotel Califfo, site of the tournament – started very well with four victories in the first four turns, which placed him at the top of the rank, and a draw after a very interesting game against Delorme during the fifth turn. Then the need for the points to become IM pushed him to draw quickly against Dvirnyy and Francesco Sonis.

Fourth player in the rank – but first among “mere mortals” – is Gianluca Mameli with 5 points. He was in good shape and has played well throughout the whole tournament, losing only against Bonafede but gaining the fourth place thanks to a well-deserved victory against Lucio Calcagnile in the decisive match at the last turn. Lucio Calcagnile is also an excellent player, who won the rating prize under 2200.

The fifth place has been taken by Francesco Sonis with 4.5 points. He has been a bit unlucky, we must admit, and has been probably penalised by all the various crossing and calculations made by the first three players. He is usually a marvellous player who won against GMs and IMs in other tournaments. Despite the situation in this specific tournament, he has managed to overcome inferior players anyway (even though Angelo Zuccarelli was hard to beat during the second turn!). As we have become used to his great performances, a fifth place (plus rating prize for the best under 20) seemed a bit disappointing, but bear in mind that this player is still growing and he still is – we shall not forget – the present Italian U14 champion!

Two more arrived at 4.5: Yuri Sanna and Luca Sonis. Both have played a fantastic tournament with brilliant moves and dynamic games. Yuri, who has also won the rating prize under 2000, has maintained good quality matches throughout the tournament, which is another improvement for him, whereas Luca Sonis won the under 1800 prize.

Eight more players finished with 4 points, most of them can consider themselves satisfied as they made more than 50% of points in a quite intense tournament.

Among the others, we would like to mention Mario Carrus, 3.5 points, who is a newby to tournaments but is rapidly progressing and has a gift for good piece organisation on the board. The young Francesca Garau, 3 points, has won the Best Female Player prize. Her Elo at 1473 does not reflect her real ability and is going to increase very soon. Finally, Pierluigi Caddeo, 3 points, won the Best Player over 60 prize.

The first player for the B tournament is the front-runner Bruno Profera, already 3N, with 6.5 out of 7; second player is Adriano Marroccu, 5.5 points, and third is Luca Mascia, 4.5 points, who preceded Luca Altea thanks to tie-breaker calculations. Luca Altea has won 3 chess books. Best Female Player prize goes to Letizia Elena Mascia; Best over 60 is Bruno Carucci; Best 3N is Antonino Profera and Best NC is Cesare Sonis.

We would like to thank all participants and their chaperones and hope to see you all again very soon!




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